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Speakers and Trainers on AD/HD

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Information and training on AD/HD 

Catherine Adams

C. Adams Consulting Services, LLC

Fairfax (571) 405-3051


    •  Just the Facts: “ADHD Myths & Misunderstandings”
    •  The Parent “Coaching” Approach to Behavior Management.
    •  A Team Approach for Student Success  (for counselors and education support professionals.)

Judith S. Bass, CEP

Bass Educational Services, LLC

MD, VA  (301) 774-5211

    • The transition from high school to colleges for students with ADHD and other learning differences.
    • The spectrum of support available on college campuses
    • Fostering independence in students with ADHD and other learning differences.


Kathy Kuhl

Learn Differently, LLC

Herndon (703) 715-8697

    • Staying Sane: Balancing Your Priorities
    •  Stop Wrecking Your Homeschool
    •  Encouraging Your Child
    • Struggling Learner, Struggling Parent
    •  When Writing Doesn't Come Easily
    •  When Math Doesn't Come Easily
    •  Homeschooling Struggling Teens
    •  Homeschooling a Child with Learning Difficulties

Hervé LeBoeuf, PhD

The Focused Mind, LLC

Springfield (703) 627-5159

    • General ADHD 101 for parents or teachers
    •  “What is ADHD Coaching, Does it work and How Does it Work?”
    • “ADHD and Anxiety
    • "Finding Balance, Reclaim your Time and Live a More Successful Life”
    •  “Ensuring Life Harmony:  Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change”

Abigail Levrini, Ph.D.

Psych Ed Coaches, PLLC

VA, DC (571) 289-9729             


    •  ADHD Coaching: What is it and how does it work?
    • Tools for Managing Adult ADHD
    • Classroom Basics for ADHD


Sandy Maynard,

Catalytic Coaching

DC (202) 884-0063

    • AD/HD Coach:Teens-Adults
    • ADHD Coaching
    • Time Management and Organization
    • Social Skills
    • Curbing Impulsivity
    • Academic Coaching for ADHD
    • Coping With ADHD in the Workplace
    • Health and Wellness Practices for ADHD

Anne S. Roberts, MA

BrainRelief, LLC

Falls Church  (703)641-8940 

    •  Underachievers Right-Brained Visual-Spatial: Innovation and Creativity
    • Perfectionism, Procrastination, Motivation
    • Different Drummers: Gifted, ADHD, twice-exceptional
    • Right-Brained Visual-Spatial Learners: Innovative & Creative
    • Build Self-Confidence with Meditation
    • Teamwork  Works: The Myth of “Rigid” Teachers, “Helicopter” Parents, “Lazy” Kids
    • RTI*, IEPs, 504. Include students’ strengths  (*Response to Intervention)






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