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The Mission of the ADHD Resource Group of Northern Virginia is to assist people whose lives are affected by ADHD, ADD and Executive Function deficits in the Northern Virginia region, allowing them to live full, successful, and independent lives by:

***Identifying and referring those individuals adversely affected to qualified support organizations or service providers, as appropriate;
***Correcting misinformation and overcoming the stigma of challenges of ADHD and ADD;
***Providing education and resources to individuals, their families and society;
***Supporting educators, professionals, and entities in need of training, knowledge and beneficial resources.

DSM 5 ADHD Diagnostic Guidelines - July 2013 CHADD Ask The Expert

Disclosure Notice
Although we recommend these websites for guidance, The ADHD Resource Group of Northern Virginia, and its participants, is not responsible for the information shared on these websites and not bound by any legal opinions or general recommendations provided by these resources.

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