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Adams ADHD Consulting: Parenting Workshops and Support Services

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Welcome to Catherine Adams', ADHD Parenting
Support Services website!

Confused?  Sorting through all the information, suggestions and input on AD/HD and ADD can be overwhelming.  
I provide consultations, support sessions and seminars for parents, caregivers, educators, organizations and entities interested in providing effective support to children and adolescents with AD/HD and ADD.
I have over ten years of leadership, speaking, training and presentation experience related to the diagnosis, family impacts, treatment and alternatives available to families affected by AD/HD and ADD with co-existing challenges.

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Workshops and Parent Support Sessions are available to discuss and clarify issues associated with common parenting concerns to raising a child and/or adolescent diagnosed with AD/HD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or ADD- Inattentive type.  Interactive problem solving sessions assist parents in developing a "direction for success."

What can parents expect from these sessions? 

  • Strategies, knowledge, goals and action plans that will improve their relationship with their child or adolescent and structure the home environment for success.  
  • Tips and techniques to work collaboratively with educators and support service professionals. 
  • Solutions that work best for parents based on experiences of people sharing their ideas and strategies for success dealing with family impacts of the AD/HD and ADD diagnosis.

You don't need to be alone in your experiences and efforts! 




Workshops on Parenting Communications and on Educating for Success.

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